Senior residences and nursing homes

A further emphasis of the Équipe GmbH is the project development with social real estate, in particular care real estate with emphasis dementia.

This is a complex and sensitive task, goes it nevertheless considering the economic interests of investors and operators likewise. The moreover one a benefit of the tenants and inhabitants for their human as well as social needs is created.

For more than 10 years we co-operate closely with operating carriers and investors and know their requirement profile to nursing homes corresponding to real market conditions. The nursing homes are always planned and established according to the guidelines of the nursing home law.

Due to our experiences of many years and well-founded market knowledges and market analyses we can do you with the selection of the respective locations, which development and the distribution of projects for social real estate support:

Acquisition of land / objects
Preparation of site and market analysis
Feasibility studies
planning, consulting and concept development of facilities
selection, counseling and placement of operating carriers
Transfer of projects to investors

Our portfolio can be found in References extract.