Technical Facility Management & Services

The Équipe GmbH regards your real estate not only by the commercial glasses, but takes over also technical facility management, in order to obtain and increase the value of your real estate.

By our technical support, which contains among other things regular maintenance as well as a sophisticated maintenance management, your real estate remains at any time operational.

We provide together with the commercial department a maintenance plan, so that you know which costs exactly as owners in the future develop.

The close teeth of our käufmännischen and technical department makes so an efficient co-operation possible in the sense of the tenants and owners.

We co-operate among other things with qualified and build-submit-entitled architects, reliable Projektanten, building contractors and building service providers, European Union certified experts for mould damage.

By our annual quantity of orders we secure ourselves preferred conditions. With us also you can profit from it.

What you can expect from us:
long-term care and conservation of value planning and professional execution
use concepts
regular monitoring and annual reports stage of construction
reconstruction measures
Enforcement of warranty claims
removal of defects
monitoring of construction / construction management / supervision
Project management