We provide an exceptional service

With our reliable caretaker and cleaning service we contribute substantially to ensure the worth stop of a real estate in the sense of the owner.

We use trained employees as well as most modern devices and machines excluding. By thought out schedules you can be pleased at each time about best service.

We have a high claim of quality and that are guarantor for the satisfaction of your tenants. Because only content tenants are also good tenants.

Completely according to your need we create gladly an offer to you as complete or partial solution for the support of your real estate.

What you can expect from us:
• Cleaning the interior region
• outside- and green areas maintenance
• Site clearance
• First local contact for your tenants
• Eye & Ear administrative / Reports to the property management
• Controller of security & cleanliness
• Maintenance Checks
• Small Repairs
• Winter maintenance
• 24 - h Havariedienst